Well Water Testing

There is nothing quite like fresh, clean water drawn from your own well. Today, though, continued encroachment from building and industry, extreme climate and weather, and agricultural chemicals mean that well water across the nation is under increasing threat of contamination. Whether you haven't known how to get your well water tested, haven't tested your well water in years, or you test annually, Xpress Water Test® kits gives you the specifics on the water you use every day.

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Do You Know What Is In Your Well Water?

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Most of us know that the water we drink contains more than just pure water — but what's really in your well water and how do you know if you should be worried about it? What if you, like many of our customers, have well water that looks fine and tastes fine? Maybe you have been using it for years and haven't had any issues — or perhaps you struggle with discolored water, staining or build up on fixtures or off smells and odor. No matter which situation applies to you, the fact is that most contaminants and characteristics of water are too small to be seen by the unaided eye, including common well water contaminants such as nitrates and nitrites from agricultural runoff, arsenic from the natural geology of the land surrounding the well and water source; even toxic chromium and emerging contaminants such as PFAS.

Why You Should Have Your Well Water Tested

Continued encroachment from building and industry, extreme climate and weather, and agricultural chemicals mean that well water across the nation is under increasing threat of contamination. These factors, coupled with often subtle, natural changes in geology mean that your well water may be very different today than it was years ago and it is not always easy to see the effect of those changes. In fact, many of the most concerning contaminants found in well water are tasteless and odorless, particularly at levels which may be low but still pose a long-term health risk. The only way to know if they are in the water you drink every day is to have it tested.


Well Water Testing Is Important For Homes

Today, a growing number of us are conscious of the benefits of clean, pure well water and choosing this option instead of expensive, wasteful bottled water or connection to public water supplies. With these benefits and the independence of owning a private well come the responsibility for its quality and purity. Having an unbiased, trusted partner you can turn to for certified well water testing makes this easy to manage.

With your Xpress Water Testing® Report, we will compare the levels of contaminants and characteristics in your well water not only to EPA limits, but to our scientists’ recommended limits, allowing you to see how your water compares to the latest clinical and scientific recommendations*.

With Xpress Water Testing® you can truly see what’s in your water.

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Recommended Well Water Tests

Standard Well Water Test

The Standard Water Test was developed by Xperiential’s scientists to assess your water for commonly found contaminants. This test focuses on bacterial contamination, concerns related to agricultural runoff, and the toxic metals arsenic and lead, as well as general water quality characteristics of sodium and hardness, the former of particular importance to those with cardiovascular issues or on a low-sodium diet; the latter important to control in order to extend the life of your home’s appliances and water fixtures.

Comprehensive Well/City Water Test

The Comprehensive Water Test was designed by Xperiential’s scientists for our customers who want a truly in depth picture of their water quality, covering major classes of contaminants such as bacterial contamination, agricultural runoff, inorganic contaminants and additives such as sulfates and fluoride, toxic and heavy metals, as well as an understanding of the general characteristics of their water: mineral content, pH, hardness, and so on.

How Does It Work?

Test your water in three easy steps with Xpress Water Testing® by Paragon Residential.


Step 1

Choose a test, or let us help you select the best analysis for your needs. Upon your Xpress Water Testing® purchase, we will send you a collection kit with thorough instructions for gathering samples.


Step 2

Collect your water sample using your collection kit, then return the kit to our team of chemists and microbiologists for testing and analysis.

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Step 3

Receive your personalized, comprehensive water report from us via email.

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