Water Testing for Metals

While much of the United States fortunately has good quality water and many of the compounds and elements found in our water are relatively harmless, others such as lead, chromium, aluminum, and arsenic can cause both acute and long-term damage to your health. Whether you have been diagnosed with elevated levels of metals or are just concerned about your health, Xpress Water Test® kits gives you the specifics on the water you use every day.

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Is Your Water A Source Of Heavy Metals And Toxic Metals?


Whether stemming from industrial or manufacturing contamination or naturally occurring sources, toxic and heavy metals can enter drinking water sources. Even those metals that are essential for proper function of the body at the correct levels can be harmful when they occur at higher levels. Many of the most concerning metals found in both city and well water are tasteless and odorless, particularly at low levels that still pose a risk to your health and to the health of your loved ones. The only way to know if they are in the water you drink every day is to have it tested.

Why You Should Test Your Water For Metals

Just as we have become increasingly able to monitor our health and determine the levels of toxins present in our bodies, today, leaps in scientific technology mean we are better equipped than ever to determine if the water we drink and cook with every day is contributing to these toxic build ups. This is particularly important for those who have been diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity or heavy metal poisoning, as well as to children and infants, who consume a greater amount of water as a proportion of body mass than adults, and whose bodies and brains are growing and rapidly developing.


Metals Testing Is Important For Homes

Typical annual water quality reports, also called consumer confidence reports, published by public water supplies can be difficult to clearly understand and both these reports and official water contamination alerts are based upon comparison to EPA limits, which may have been established decades ago.

Current public health, scientific, and clinical data increasingly point to adverse health effects due to heavy and toxic metals at levels much lower than would trigger action based upon EPA limits, yet conventional water testing reports do not offer guidance in these cases.

With your Xpress Water Testing® Report, we will compare the levels of toxic and heavy metals in your well water not only to EPA limits, but to our scientists’ recommended limits, allowing you to see how your water compares to the latest clinical and scientific recommendations*.

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Recommended Metals Water Tests

Full Metals Well/City Water Test

The Metals Test provides you with Xperiential’s full suite of toxic and heavy metals testing. Our scientists designed this test package to include EPA priority pollutant metals as well as other toxic and heavy metals of emerging concern based upon clinical data and scientific research. Conducted using state of the art instruments and techniques, your Metals Test will detect even trace levels of these contaminants and offers you the confidence that comes with certified laboratory testing.

Comprehensive Well/City Water Test

The Comprehensive Water Test was designed by Xperiential’s scientists for our customers who want a truly in depth picture of their water quality, covering major classes of contaminants such as bacterial contamination, agricultural runoff, inorganic contaminants and additives such as sulfates and fluoride, toxic and heavy metals, as well as an understanding of the general characteristics of their water: mineral content, pH, hardness, and so on.

How Does It Work?

Test your water in three easy steps with Xpress Water Testing® by Paragon Residential.


Step 1

Choose a test, or let us help you select the best analysis for your needs. Upon your Xpress Water Testing® purchase, we will send you a collection kit with thorough instructions for gathering samples.


Step 2

Collect your water sample using your collection kit, then return the kit to our team of chemists and microbiologists for testing and analysis.

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Step 3

Receive your personalized, comprehensive water report from us via email.

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