Water Testing Is Part Of Today’s Best Home Inspections

You inspect from the roof to the foundation — Xpress Water Testing® allows you to also offer your clients valuable insight into their water quality. Today, more homebuyers are aware of and concerned with the quality of the water in their homes and they see the value of unbiased, independent water testing as they consider what for many is the largest purchase they will ever make.

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Why Your Laboratory Should Be Xperiential Laboratories


We Have Your Back

When you receive your Xpress Water Testing® report, you not only have full analysis results and a plain English written discussion to provide to your clients, but when they or you have questions, we support you with free consultations with our scientists to review results and go over questions.

Your clients place their trust in you as their unbiased expert. You can trust the scientists at EPA certified Xperiential Laboratories to provide accurate, state of the art water testing reports with unparalleled precision and attention to quality, and an unparalleled customer service experience.

Say Goodbye To Outdated, Incomprehensible Water Testing Reports

Our reports are beautifully laid out and easy to read, containing both in depth analysis results and detailed discussion, with at a glance flagging of any significant results. If you choose our informational testing, then your reports will compare contaminant and characteristic levels not only to EPA standards, but to our scientists’ recommended levels, providing you and your clients with the latest public health, clinical, and scientific thinking related to their water testing results*. If instead you elect compliance testing in our service area, then your report will compare levels to EPA limits and still include consultation options.


We Understand The Demanding Timelines Of The Real Estate Cycle

Tired of waiting for your lab’s water testing results? Is your lab closed for sample drop off on the weekend? Our turn around time is an industry leading 3 business days from sample receipt and our laboratory is staffed 7 days a week for analysis. You can ship your sample back to us free of charge Monday through Friday and if you are nearby, you can even use our convenient drop box on the weekends.

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As a residential customer, I received prompt and professional service, and would highly recommend Paragon Residential to others.

Bennett K.

Would recommend for anyone interested in knowing what is coming out of the tap!

Maxine S.

Great service, fast delivery and accurate results. Couldn’t ask for better.

Jim B.

Great customer service. Excellent turn around. Thank you so much for your help. Saved 45 days waiting for the county to come out and complete the test.

Wayne W.

The best part is the support. You can tell these people are trying to provide superior service.

Carl L.

Paragon was quick, easy and very efficient. When I had questions, they were able to answer them immediately.

Pamela H.

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Recommended Water Tests

Standard Water Test

The Standard Water Test was developed by Xperiential’s scientists to assess your water for commonly found contaminants. This test focuses on bacterial contamination, concerns related to agricultural runoff, and the toxic metals arsenic and lead, as well as general water quality characteristics of sodium and hardness, the former of particular importance to those with cardiovascular issues or on a low-sodium diet; the latter important to control in order to extend the life of your home’s appliances and water fixtures.

City Water Test

$129 120
The City Water Test was developed by Xperiential’s scientists for those on a public water supply to include the most common types of contaminants we find in city water samples from across the nation. In addition to such concerns as bacterial contamination and the toxic metals lead and copper, the City Water Test measures your water’s level of fluoride, to which recent studies have increasingly supported a link to neurotoxicity.

Comprehensive Water Test

$169 159
The Comprehensive Water Test was designed by Xperiential’s scientists for our customers who want a truly in depth picture of their water quality, covering major classes of contaminants such as bacterial contamination, agricultural runoff, inorganic contaminants and additives such as sulfates and fluoride, toxic and heavy metals, as well as an understanding of the general characteristics of their water: mineral content, pH, hardness, and so on.

How Does It Work?

Test your water in three easy steps with Xpress Water Testing® by Paragon Residential.


Step 1

Choose a test, or let us help you select the best analysis for your needs. Upon your Xpress Water Testing® purchase, we will send you a collection kit with thorough instructions for gathering samples.


Step 2

Collect your water sample using your collection kit, then return the kit to our team of chemists and microbiologists for testing and analysis.

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Step 3

Receive your personalized, comprehensive water report from us via email.

If you're not sure which Xpress Water Testing® kit you need, our team can help!

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