Water Is Precious - Know What's In Yours™

Each day, families, businesses, and communities use water for drinking, washing, cooking, and caring for loved ones. Water nourishes and sustains us. That's why we believe everyone should have the power to know exactly what's in their water.

To make our vision a reality, we developed our revolutionary Xpress Water Testing® kits. We're placing knowledge, wellbeing, and peace of mind in your hands by providing you with rigorous, thorough testing, analysis, reports, and recommendations for your home, business, schools, and community.

Whether your home connects to the public water supply or you have a private well on your property, impurities can seep into your drinking water. Your city's annual water-testing reports provide a baseline developed from a small sample size, while property owners alone must maintain their private well water quality.

At Paragon Residential our team can provide anyone in the United States or beyond with a simple water safety solution—a complete understanding and analysis of your drinking water.

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Paragon | Certified Drinking-Water Testing Laboratory

When accurate analysis, timely reports, and technological treatment recommendations matter, you can trust the Paragon Residential team. Our certified drinking water testing laboratory provides independent, third-party testing so you can know exactly what's in your water when - and where - it matters most.

EPA Certified Testing

Green Circle

Result is within EPA and recommended health-based limits

Yellow Circle

Result is above recommended health-based limits but does not exceed EPA limits

Red Circle

Result exceeds established EPA limit

How Does It Work?

Test your water in three easy steps with Xpress Water Testing® by Paragon Residential.


Step 1

Choose a test, or let us help you select the best analysis for your needs. Upon your Xpress Water Testing® purchase, we will send you a collection kit with thorough instructions for gathering samples.


Step 2

Collect your water sample using your collection kit, then return the kit to our team of chemists and microbiologists for testing and analysis.

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Step 3

Receive your personalized, comprehensive water report from us via email.

If you're not sure which Xpress Water Testing® kit you need, our team can help!

EPA and Recommended Levels

Treatment Technology Recommendations

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Learn About Your Drinking Water

The majority of the United States enjoys consistent, quality drinking water. That said, many of us suspect that our pipes contain more than just pure water. Chemical runoff, industrial pollutants, agriculture, and even highway traffic can result in tasteless, odorless contaminants in our water.

While some contaminants may simply stain your clothing or leave streaks in your bathtub, deadly toxins such as lead, arsenic, PFAS, heavy metals, or nitrates and nitrites from nearby farms can slowly build up in your water supply.

Water quality can vastly differ from home to home as well, thanks to tree root infiltration, lead-based soldering in copper pipes, and corroded plumbing. Additionally, encroachment from industry and natural changes in geography can impact your well water.

At Paragon Residential, our Xpress Water Testing® kits give you the power to take control of your health through accessible, timely drinking analysis.

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When to Test Your Water

Many homeowners don't know when to test drinking water in their homes. Those who rely on public water utilities may glance at annual reports without genuinely understanding the data. Others who enjoy the independence and flexibility of private wells might imagine that the water quality remains unchanged throughout the years.

While public water supplies undergo regular testing to ensure compliance with EPA standards, in many cases, these outdated, decades-old regulations no longer align with the clinical studies and leading scientific recommendations. Additionally, private wells can suffer contamination over the years due to geographical or environmental fluctuations—leaving chemical, microbiological, and heavy metal residue in your water supply.

When your health and well-being are at stake, don't risk putting off a drinking water test. Our Xpress Water Testing® kits make critical analysis simple for concerned homeowners, careful business owners, and water testing professionals, thanks to expert testing and exhaustive standards from our team of chemists and microbiologists.

Paragon's Water Tests

At Paragon Residential, we go beyond EPA standards to provide rigorous third-party-recommended limits based on the latest in scientific evidence and public health studies. Our Xpress Water Testing® informational reports help you compare your drinking water quality to both EPA standards and those set by our in-house experts.

From our basic Xpress Water Testing® kit to contaminant-specific sampling kits such as the Metals, Microbiological, or Lead & Arsenic Tests, we offer a variety of informational and compliance-specific tests for homeowners, home inspectors, and municipal contractors seeking insight on water purity.



Our laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation by renown chemists and microbiologists specializing in drinking water testing and analysis.



Receive real-time results from your collection samples in a few short days, allowing you to take action quickly.



Our robust reports include both color-coded results and in-depth data so you can delve into the numbers and applicable EPA standards.



We compare EPA standards with our own third-party regulations, providing a clear, visual benchmark for your home water quality.



Our expert analysts provide stringent guidelines and technological treatment recommendations for healthier, cleaner water in your home, business, or community.

Xpress Water Testing®

At Paragon Residential, we build Xpress Water Testing® from the ground up, based on a commitment to empower, educate, and effect change in homes around the country.

When you choose an Xpress Water Testing® kit, you're purchasing more than a product. You're investing in a healthier, safer future for you and your loved ones, backed by the support of our entire team.

Never question the safety of the water in your home, office, or community again. Please click here to purchase Xpress Water Testing® now, or contact us for more information and assistance while choosing the best drinking water test kit for your needs.