Tannin and Lignin Well Water Test $89


About The Test

Tannin and Lignin come from the breakdown of vegetation and can cause discoloration of your water, staining of  our laundry, dishes, or fixtures, and may cause a musty or tart like taste or smell. This test checks your well water for these commonly found compounds. This test also includes Iron, which if present, can create false results. The Tannin and Lignin Water Test may only be ordered as an add-on to our other Xpress Water Testing®.

Is This Test Right For Me?

If you are experiencing yellow water or a musty or tart taste or smell to your water, it may be due to Tannin or Lignin. These compounds can lead to yellow staining of laundry, plumbing fixtures, or dishes. The Tannin and Lignin Water Test is especially popular with our professional customers and those on well water.

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