Tannin/Lignin and Iron Test $59


About The Test

Tannins and lignin are organic compounds that come from the breakdown of vegetation. They can cause discoloration of your water, staining of plumbing fixtures and laundry, and affect the overall quality of your drinking water. Our scientists include testing for iron levels with this package because the presence of iron in your water can cause misleading tannin and lignin test results if not analyzed and reviewed together; this gives you the additional confidence in your results of scientist testing at our certified laboratory. The Tannin/Lignin and Iron Test may only be ordered as an add-on to our other Xpress Water Testing®.

Is This Test Right For Me?

If you are experiencing yellow water or a musty or tart taste or smell to your water, then it may be due to tannins or lignin. These compounds can also lead to yellow staining of laundry, plumbing fixtures, or dishes. The Tannin/Lignin and Iron Test is especially popular with our professional customers and those on well water.

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