Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Test $29


About The Test

Sulfate reducing bacteria may be found in groundwater, wells, or plumbing systems, including water heaters. Sulfur bacteria can produce a slime that may clog plumbing, wells, and your irrigation system. This test assesses your well water for sulfate reducing bacteria. The Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Test may only be ordered as an add-on to our other Xpress Water Testing®.

Is This Test Right For Me?

If you are experiencing white, grey, black, or reddish-brown slime buildup in your plumbing system, it may be due to sulfate reducing bacteria. Sulfate reducing bacteria can also cause corrosion of your plumbing and may be found in conjunction with a rotten egg smell and hydrogen sulfide gas. This test is often ordered along with our Hydrogen Sulfide Test Strip.

Please note that the nature of this particular test requires an 8 business day turn around time.