Research Consultation

Xperiential can design standard or custom analysis studies and methods for your unique or specialized requirements. Our experience in consultative services span both basic and applied research.

Custom analyses, methods, and studies may be related to a specific product that you are developing or a chemical or biological process that you are investigating. We can employ design of experiment software to get you the results you are looking for in an orderly fashion. Any intellectual property issues which may arise can be discussed before any work is commenced.

Many disciplines can be utilized in this work such as instrumental analysis, microbiological studies, biochemical evaluation, reverse formulation, product stability testing, nutritional evaluation, and/or new product development.

These opportunities to serve may arise from a specific sample you provide us and the results from the analytical, problem solving, or methods development services we performed. They may also arise when you contact us and describe specific research you are performing or considering for your products.

Any questions? Call 248-574-5528 for a complementary initial consultation with one of our experienced chemists, or to request a no obligation quote online today.