Problem Solving

At Xperiential, our primary goal is not only to provide reliable analytical data to our customers but rather to solve a problem for them. When samples are submitted, the customers might wish to know if their product is contaminated, if it meets pre-established specifications, contains any undesirable by products, or if it performs as well as a competitive product.

We are able to provide value-added services to our customers in this regard. Our expertise covers many different types of analytical techniques and materials submitted to us for chemical and biological analyses.

Product failures for chemical reasons take many forms but we excel at using our experience and state-of-the art instruments to determine the exact nature of the failure and potential root causes. Further, if customers are developing a new or competitive product, we strive to assist them in producing the best product at the lowest cost that they can.

Xperiential can assist you in the areas of product failure, competitive analysis, regulatory agency conformity, environmental compliance, customer specifications, toxicity assessment, food safety, and many other areas that might be specific to your individual application.

After completing our assessment we will recommend to you any additional areas of investigation that we believe may be helpful to you in any further internal analyses you may consider necessary. We will remain available to as always to conduct any new chemical analyses that may assist you in completing irreversible corrective actions.

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