Instrument Method Development

Xperiential has very deep expertise in the operation and on-going maintenance of our state-of-the-art portfolio of scientific instruments. We can readily assist you if you require expert advice on instrument capability and applicability for your current or planned instrument portfolio.

We are not a substitute for expertise provided by instrument manufacturers but instead can help you will practical usages and processes to help you get the most out of your instrument portfolio to help you better reach your business objectives.

Our team has developed many unique methods currently performed on our analytical instruments such as metal characterization, failure analysis, alloy composition, fruit ripening analysis, antibody and protein characterization, thermogravimetric analysis, and polymer decomposition products identification to name a few.

Xperiential can assist you in obtaining qualitative as well as quantitative data in such a way as to further your research and development goals whether they be analytical, predictive, or exploratory. We do this by working with the client to determine their specific needs and interests.

We will use DOE (Design of Experiment) methods to determine the best path forward. The scientists at Xperiential have a proven track record for method development projects and can help you in meeting your goals.

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