Formulation, Reformulation, and Deformulation

Xperiential can perform product development, competitor product “reverse” engineering, and product benchmarking services designed to analyze existing formulations of chemical products. We do this by separating samples into their major and minor constituent components, identifying each ingredient and the quantity present.

Our services cover a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. We can work with known and unknown samples as well. We can also formulate new products to your specifications and provide samples to you for additional product evaluation.

The senior scientists that work at Xperiential Laboratories have many years of proven formulation experience in the areas of consumer goods, automotive, aerospace, wastewater treatment, coatings, metal treatment, and general industrial chemical products. We also have the analytical expertise to “break down” your sample into its simplest elements if your project requires deformation of a certain product.

Further, we are well versed in formulation with sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials so possibly we can improve one of your existing formulations by making it “greener”. This might be by using more natural products or possibly by ensuring that it decomposes to nontoxic by products at the end of its useful life.

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