Failure Analysis

This the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure. It is an important discipline in many branches of manufacturing industry, such as the electronics industry, where it is a vital tool used in the development of new products and for the improvement of existing products.

This can be done by utilizing many forms of scientific investigation such as microscopy, spectroscopy, surface analysis, material science, failure simulation and many other forms of analysis that would be tailored to your specific application.

Xperiential’s failure analysis support starts with scientist-to-scientist interaction to discuss and comprehensively understand your issue, challenges, goals and urgency. Our scientists are knowledgeable and experienced in today’s advanced technologies and products and are experts in failure analysis.

We are experts at diagnosing failures in the areas of automotive technology, polymer failure, food spoilage, microbial contamination, heat exchanger rupture, and metal delamination to name a few. We really on standards provided by reputable organizations such as AISI, ASTM, API, ASME, NACE, SAE, AOAC, and UNS in providing evaluations.

Samples for evaluation can be automotive parts and accessories, consumer products, cosmetic preparations, food and nutritional products, chemicals, electronic components, metallurgical samples, composites, polymers, and many other types of materials.

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