Biomedical Product Development

Our expert staff is well acquainted the design and development of new medical products based upon advance bioengineering expertise that combines an understanding of clinical applications with a detailed knowledge of business considerations and the regulatory landscape.

Xperiential currently concentrates on the development of diagnostic tools as well as interventional and therapeutic devices in some of our internal proprietary programs but has sufficient excess resources to assist you in your biomedical product development efforts.

We routinely employ ELISA, fluorescence, and spectrophotometry to gain insight into the inner workings of cellular systems and are expert in the use of protein and mammalian cell preservation and analysis techniques to find the answers that you are looking for.

Further, we have electrical and mechanical engineers onsite with our parent company (Somnio Global, LLC) if their services are ever required to complement those of Xperiential’s Chemists, Biochemists, and Microbiologists.

We have relationships in place with various local universities and research laboratories to provide extensive molecular biological and biochemical assistance as needed in the areas of PCR, genomic characterization, and DNA and RNA characterization.

Any questions? Call 248-574-5528 for a complementary initial consultation with one of our experienced chemists, or to request a no obligation quote online today.