Lead & Arsenic Test $59

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About The Test

The Lead & Arsenic Test was developed by Xperiential’s scientists for those on well water that are specifically concerned about these two common contaminants found in homes throughout the country that are on well water.

Is This The Right Test For Me?

This test package provides an excellent baseline test for lead levels in homes with babies, children, or expectant mothers. In addition, this test also assesses your water for arsenic, which can build up over time causing long-term health issues; in the short term, high levels of arsenic are also known to cause acute toxicity. Both lead & arsenic are tasteless and odorless. The Lead & Arsenic test offers the superior precision and accuracy of our certified laboratory testing, as compared to do-it-yourself test kits.

Lead and Arsenic Water Test | Xperiential Laboratories


  • Arsenic
  • Lead

General Characteristics

  • pH