Hydrogen Sulfide Test Strip $2.50


About The Test

Hydrogen sulfide gas can be naturally occurring, such as a result of decay and reactions with soil and rocks, produced by bacteria, or, less commonly, from pollution. It typically produces a classic rotten egg or sulfur smell. Because hydrogen sulfide gas dissipates quickly, it is not appropriate for laboratory based testing and our scientists recommend testing be performed on site. To provide accurate results, this is a single-use, at home test strip you can use to measure hydrogen sulfide levels right at your tap. Our scientists have reviewed the performance of these test strips in our laboratory so you can be confident in their quality. Hydrogen Sulfide Test Strips may only be ordered as an add-on to our other Xpress Water Testing®.

Is This Test Right For Me?

If you are experiencing a rotten egg or sulfur smell to your water, or have black stains on your silverware or plumbing fixtures, then it may be due to hydrogen sulfide gas. It can also lead to corrosion of the metal parts of your plumbing system and, in addition to the unpleasant smell, hydrogen sulfide gas that builds up in the air in such areas as well pits or well houses can be harmful. Related sulfur bacteria can produce a slime that may clog plumbing, wells, and your irrigation system so this test is often ordered along with our Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Test.