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What type of water will you be testing?


About The Test

The City Water Test was developed by Xperiential’s scientists for those on a public water supply to include the most common types of contaminants we find in city water samples from across the nation. In addition to such concerns as bacterial contamination and the toxic metals lead and copper, the City Water Test measures your water’s level of fluoride, to which recent studies have increasingly supported a link to neurotoxicity.

Is This The Right Test For Me?

The City Water Test is particularly important for homes with babies, children, expectant mothers, or those with older adults, especially if any family members have health conditions. It was designed by our scientists for those who want to know exactly what’s in their water with their own certified laboratory results so they can take control of their health and if treatment is appropriate, choose a system that does what they need.

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  • Total Coliform
  • E. coli


  • Fluoride


  • Copper
  • Lead

General Characteristics

  • pH