Water and Beverage Bottling

Xperiential Water and Beverage Bottling Analytical Services

Xperiential Laboratories offers detailed content testing and quality control assurance for bottlers of natural mineral water and other consumer beverages.

Drinking water analyses follow guidelines established by the USEPA and the FDA and are in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification for the safety management and product quality of beverage products. We can also assist in testing waters used in brewing operations.

We have to ability to test for metals, other inorganics, physical factors, volatile organics, semi volatile organics, pesticides, herbicides, carbamates, synthetic organic compounds, as well as disinfectants and disinfectant by-products in your samples. Further, we can test for total coliforms and fecal coliforms in your samples and provide a standard plate count.

Our expert chemists can also provide guidance on questions regarding licensing and regulatory issues and can work with you in regards to any special analytical needs. Xperiential Laboratories can also test your beverage containers whether they be PET bottles, glass bottles, or metal cans for composition and coating identification. Radiological analyses can also be performed if needed.

We follow the World Health Organization’s “Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality” and can develop specifications for private label bottlers. Further, the nutritional value of other beverages can be determined by identifying and quantifying vitamins, supplements, and other ingredients. Shelf-life stability can also be assessed upon request.

So if you need help or just have a question, feel free to call one of our experienced chemists at 248-574-5528 or contact us online today for a no obligation quotation.