Science chemistry concept. Laboratory test tubes and flasks with colored liquids on the periodic table of elements. 3d illustration

With over 40 years of materials testing experience, Xperiential Laboratories is your ideal partner to provide the timely, accurate and cutting-edge testing services that you require.

Materials incorporated into products or those that you are developing need to be thoroughly tested to provide optimal performance within expected ranges.


Materials testing can provide a vast amount of information to ensure that your processes and equipment can perform as designed with a minimum of wasted time and material. Further, a complete understanding of your raw materials will help to optimize your R & D efforts going forward.

As well as proving short term analytical data on your products and/or raw materials, Xperiential Laboratories can provide testing design to assess long-term corrosion or degradation studies, complete life cycle analysis, and environmental fate recommendations.

We test a wide array of different materials such as metals, automotive components, polymers, construction materials, natural raw materials and products, and plastic substrates.

Our hope is that you will eventually rely on Xperiential to perform a number of routine quality control tests for you so as to optimize your operation in addition to analyzing materials by project as they come in.

So if you need help or just have a question, feel free to call one of our experienced chemists at 248-574-5528 or contact us online today for a no obligation quotation.