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Xperiential Laboratories uses advanced analytical techniques to characterize a variety of materials employed in the electronics industry. Our parent company, Somnio Global, LLC, is at the forefront of developing lithium ion and other types of proprietary battery technologies so this expertise helps to give direction to our laboratory.

We can perform chemical characterization and elemental analysis of deposited films, determine the degree of crystallinity, general crystallography, porosity, and perform transmission electron microscopy as well as atomic force microscopy and film thickness analysis to satisfy your testing needs.

Xperiential Laboratories routinely tests batteries, semiconductors, photovoltaic devices, and electronic materials of construction to determine whether or not they are suitable for a given application. Impurity analysis is also one of our specialties.

Our goal is to solve a client’s problem rather than to just perform an analysis so give us a try and we are sure that we can great service at a reasonable price.

So if you need help or just have a question, feel free to call one of our experienced chemists at 248-574-5528 or contact us online today for a no obligation quotation.