Consumer Goods

Consumer Customer Service Satisfaction Shopper Concept

Xperiential Laboratories has analyzed a number on consumer products such as cleaners, automotive parts and fluids, coatings, polymers, adhesives, food items, raw materials, electrical devices, battery components, drinking water, metallic objects, personal care products, beverages, and outputs from other industrial processes.

We regularly accept samples for reverse formulation, microbiological testing, unknown identification, failure analysis, physical and mechanical testing, quality assurance, and chemical testing. Results are provided to manufacturing concerns or to consumers themselves based upon based upon predetermined agreements with our customers.

Our customers include automotive OEMs, food producers, purified water bottlers, entrepreneurs, distributers, governmental agencies, and other laboratories. We will test your products or samples using our state-ofthe-art instrumentation including but not limited to FTIR, SEM-EDXA. TEM-EDXA, LC/MS, GC/MS, and NMR if necessary

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