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Why Is My Water Black?


Scientist Testing For Cause Of Black Water

Unlike brown water, covered in our recent blog post, those experiencing black water often report this discoloration to be more consistent, rather than seasonal or on-again, off-again.

Causes of Black Water

Black water is commonly caused by high levels of mineral contaminants, particularly magnesium or combined iron and magnesium, in your water. Black water may also be caused by corrosion of plumbing or deterioration of your water heater. If you are experiencing flecks or specks of black material in your water, as opposed to discoloration of the water, you may instead have an issue with deteriorating o‑rings or washers in your plumbing. Another common cause of black specks in water which may be surprising is carbon particles from a water filter.

Is Black Water Dangerous?

While some of the causes of black water are considered by the US EPA to be limited to aesthetic concerns only, several of the most common reasons for black water we have noted are certainly not something you want to be drinking or using in your cooking. For this reason, the scientists at Xperiential Laboratories recommend that you avoid drinking black water unless you have conclusively identified the cause and it has been determined to be safe. Even if you find that your water is indeed safe, you likely may want to address the problem to reduce damage and ugly discoloration of your plumbing and fixtures!

How Do I Get Rid Of Black Water?

The first step to getting rid of black water is to identify the cause. While some do it yourself approaches such as feeling particles to see if they feel rubbery are commonly used, the only way to know for sure is to have your water tested. Our team can recommend specific test packages for you – just send us an email to get started.

The bottom line is, fortunately, there are a number of solutions to eliminate black water from your home or business. Based upon your water test results, our scientists will recommend treatment options to get rid of black water that are specific to your situation. These options may include treatment systems or point to the need for plumbing repairs which should be prioritized.

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