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The Vision

Water Is Precious – Know What’s In Yours

Our Story

We at Xperiential Laboratories believe that everyone deserves safe, clean water – no exceptions. Our vision is to provide you with the knowledge of exactly what’s in your water so you can take control of your health. To make this a reality, we developed Xpress Water Testing.

Founded in 2016, Xperiential is a neutral, independent, and certified drinking water testing laboratory. Testing is performed by degree holding chemists and microbiologists who specialize in drinking water testing and analyses are conducted using state of the art instrumentation and techniques. Xperiential offers testing to clients in the residential, professional, commercial, and municipal sectors.

When you hold your Xpress Water Testing results in your hand, you have the knowledge to take action.

Xperiential is a certified drinking water testing laboratory and conducts all testing using standardized EPA methods or approved variations thereof.

Our Commitment to Society – Making A Difference Together

Through Water.org, Xperiential Laboratories is helping to provide safe water and sanitation to families around the world.

When you choose Xpress Water Test, we will proudly donate 1% of your purchase to Water.org

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